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Economical Tickets

1-Day Trip Card

There are two types of economical tickets for enjoying travel around Hiroshima and Miyajima.

All Lines
Miyajima-guchi ↔ Miyajima
Image of 1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass 1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass ¥1,000
including Miyajima Visitor Tax
Can be used Streetcar. Can be used Ferryboat.
Image of 1 Day Streetcar Pass 1 Day Streetcar Pass ¥700
Can be used Streetcar. -
How to use
Scratch off the date you use your pass on the sealed silver section on the calendar(Year,Month and Day)with a coin(if you scracth off more than one year,month or day,your pass becomes invaild).
When you use the pass,show the scratched side of the pass to the driver or the conductor so that the pass is clearly seen.
Where to purchase
Hiroshima Station Streetcar Information Desk (in front of the departure platform)
From drivers and conductors on the streetcars
Major Hotels in Hiroshima city
"1 Day Streetcar Pass" and "1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass" are not valid for JR West Train.
"1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass" is not valid for JR Miyajima Ferry.
  Valid Invalid
Streetcar / Train Hiroshima Electric Railway JR West Train
Ferryboat Miyajima MATSUDAI KISEN tourist ship JR Miyajima Ferry