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Streetcar Fares

  • Tickets are not sold. Pay as you get off the streetcar.
  • The flat rate fare to inner-city travel is 180 yen for adults and 90 yen for children.
  • The fare when traveling on the Miyajima Line varies depending on where you board and exit.
Inner-city Line 1 3 5 6 7 8 Flat Rate Fare ¥180

From Hiroshima St.
To Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima

Hakushima Line 9 Flat Rate Fare ¥130
Inner-city Line ↔ Miyajima Line - Zone based fare ¥190 - ¥280
Miyajima Line 2 Zone based fare ¥140 - ¥230
Hiroshima Station → Genbaku Dome-mae ¥180
Genbaku Dome-mae → Hiroden-miyajima-guchi ¥280
Hiroden-miyajima-guch → Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima ¥230
Illustration to Railway fare

Child Fares

Fares for children are half the relevant adult fare (with fractions under ¥10 being rounded up to the nearest ¥10).
Age Category Fare
Under 1 year Baby Free
1 - 5 years Infant Up to three infants can travel free with each adult or child.
For each infant from the forth infant accompanying each adult or child, the child fare must be paid.
If an infant is traveling alone, the child fare must be paid.
6 - 11 years Child Child fare